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The deposit will depend on the size of your event, and be a portion of the total amount quoted. The deposit must be paid to confirm the booking. Please note that our deposits are always reasonable.

Santa Marina prices are always competitive and represent very good value for money. However, certain seasonal and special occasion discounts may be offered after consultation with one of our staff members.

There is no minimum number of guests for Saturdays. However, prices vary according to the number of people - therefore, when your guest numbers go down, the price per head will go up.

You can burn your own music selection onto CDs, but this is yet another task that may add to your stress-levels. We strongly advise you to book a small band or DJ, as this will not only free you from some stress, but will definitely give you a really professional music presentation We can make recommendations if required.

A member of our team will play your music selection (including accompanying your own arrival if you wish, fading the music out as required). Please record your chosen pieces in sequence onto a single CD. Or you can bring your selection on a USB stick or an iPod - our system is compatible to either option. This will be loaded into the surround system for you by a member of our team.

DJs and bands are welcome at Santa Marina Hall. However, please be advised that your choice of music level must comply with our operational requirements and the ambience of the property, and must not disturb nearby residents. We therefore require all glass doors to remain closed if loud music is played, and all amplified music must only be played indoors. Rest assured that the music will be loud enough for you to dance / party to!

No confetti or silk rose petals please. Sorry, but they are very difficult to clean up.

There are enough parking spaces to accommodate all of your guests’ cars.

YES. It is up to you to supply these - and it allows you to add your own personal touches to complement your wedding theme, colours of bridesmaids’ dresses, etc.

A good time to cut the cake is after the reception. We bring a decorated table to the middle of the dance floor for the cake-cutting ceremony. Your cake is then moved to the sweets area where it can be on display during the rest of your function.

There is no charge, provided the boxes are made up ready to go. The boxes are simply placed next to the wedding cake, and your guests can choose to eat their piece of cake during the function, or put it in a box to take home with them.

YES. We have a responsible service of alcohol policy as per the law, and it is illegal for us to serve intoxicated or under-age guests. If there is one of your guests that you feel may cause a problem, it may be wise to mention this in advance. Please rest assured that there is always plenty of alcohol for everyone, but we must ensure it is served in a responsible way, so that everyone has a great time.

Legally the bar must close 30 minutes prior to the completion of the function. Please note that we have a responsible service of alcohol policy.

Chairs normally have fresh white linen covers and sashes. Tables are laid with glasses, cutlery and good- quality white paper serviettes. Decorations can be modified according to your personal wishes.

YES, you are more than welcome to bring your own decorations.

If children attend your wedding or party, they need to be supervised by an adult at all times. Children under the age of 12 years can be catered for at a charge of €10 per child. Teenagers from 13 to 17 years old are charged the same tariff as the package price. Please note that we have a policy by which we allow only 10-15% of the total guests to be children.

Normally we use round tables that seat eight to ten guests - but YES, we can provide rectangular tables.

It is anticipated (but not essential!) that a day or two before your ‘big day’ you may need about one hour in total onsite to familiarize again with the hall, and with our plans and style of operation. We can always be contacted by email or phone (office hours preferable) to discuss the arrangements and answer your queries.

We have reputation for high quality cuisine. To get this right, enormous amounts of time and preparation go into our menus. Sourcing the best quality raw produce and presentation of the dishes is of great importance. Should you wish to make changes to the menu, you will need to make an appointment to meet our executive chef well before the event, to discuss produce availability and preparation practicality.

In order for us to continue our good reputation for high quality food, outside catering is strictly not allowed.

Of course! Please talk to one of our staff and they will arrange this for you. 

The best advice we can give is for you to relax and enjoy! Keep it simple! Less is best! Don’t over-complicate your wedding, as this can lead to added stress for you. Sometimes you may have ideas that we may have actually tried in the past and they simply have not worked. It’s not that we are not flexible, but after a long time in operation, please trust our expertise! After all, it is in our best interest to give you the wedding celebration of your dreams...  we count on word-of-mouth advertising!

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